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Skiggle v.1.0

Skiggle: Word Game

skiggle instruction page

Read the Instructions carefully.

Choose an appropriate game level then hit the 'Play Skiggle' button.

  • There are 6 rounds in each game
  • Who goes first in the opening round is chosen at random, from then on it will alternate
  • The round ends when a word is completed
  • Each round you and Skiggle take turns to enter a letter to add to the word in play


  • If you are going first you can start with any letter.
  • Each letter you add must continue a real word.
  • Skiggle will challenge your letter if it does not think it can make a real word.  in this case you can enter the remaining letters, and try to out think Skiggle

Once you complete all six rounds you will get a final score and can post the result to wherever you like via the share button.


Press the "restart" button at any time to cancel the game and return to the opening page.


  • You and Skiggle continue to add letters in this way
  • If your letter completes a word then you Score just a few point
  • if you can force Skiggle to complete a word then you will score many more points
  • if you beat Skiggle in a challenge you will get a large number of points
  • Skiggle is not an AI.

  • Skiggle does not use forward looking game tactics.

  • Skiggle uses its own dictionary of around 20,000 words to play the game

  • Skiggle only uses the online dicionaries to look up definitions and check for challenged words.