Photography Workshop Programme & Calendar

The Totally Negative Experience Workshop Dates 2023:


  • Sunday 25th June

  • Sunday 23rd July

  • Sunday 20th August

  • Sunday 17th Sept

  • Sunday 8th Oct

  • 10.00am Arrive and Introduction (please arrive ready to start at 10.00) 
    • choosing a camera to use ( please bring your own 35mm camera if you like, but not necessary)
    • Loading the film
    • Quick chat about Exposure and Focusing
  • 11.00am Practical Photography expedition
    • Set out as a group to capture some light  ( please bring  appropriate clothing)
    • Discuss & 'Learn by doing'  Exposure, Light reading, Composition, Framing as required
  • Lunch
    • We will pass places to buy food (or bring a sandwich etc)
  • 1.30pm Developing the Films
    • return to base to:
    • load the film from camera to the developer tanks ( everyone will have their own)
    • Prepare photographic chemicals
    • 'Learn by doing' the developing sequence
  • Tea break & Tidy up
    • set the negs to dry as we clear up a little
  • Drying, Sorting and Scanning the Negs
    • Discuss and review the results
    • Scan the negatives to digital:  (this can be done later and negatives will be returned to you)
  • 3.30pm Goodbyes  ( very approx times:  more time maybe required to finish all the scanning for example)

The programme details and times may be altered to fit unforeseen  circumstances